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>> reporter: raj, an emotional crowd is here gathered for andy lopez's funeral. take a look. you can see this church is full. there are people standing in the doorways, listening, wanting to say good-bye to the 13-year-old boy. there are lots of young families here with long faces. the service was scheduled to begin at 5:00, but started around 5:30. a group of young pallbearers and church leaders in white robes at resurrection parish church in santa rosa brought the 13-year-old body's inside while a silent crowd watched. hundreds of people from all over the bay area are here. many came from an earlier protest demanding justice for protest. angry a sonoma county sheriffs deputy shot the teen because he had a toy rifle. people who know the lopez family says it's a relief to see so much support. >> this is very powerful. this is something beyond what i thought was going to happen. what i thought to be just as a community begging for justice.
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which i think is very supportive and especially to andy's mom. i think she does need the support. >> reporter: now, tonight, there will be prayer and calls for justice for the teen. i can hear singing inside. our cameras are not allowed inside, but i can tell you this church is full. it's standing room only. as hundreds of people are here to say good-bye to 13-year-old andy lopez. reporting live in santa rosa, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. as for the protesters now, there were more than 1,000 and many of them teenagers. jodi hernandez continues our coverage in santa rosa. jodi, this is getting statewide attention, isn't it? >> reporter: it certainly is, raj. and this is where demonstrators focused much of their attention today at the sheriffs department. you can see that the barricades remain up. now, sheriffs deputies did not let folks get to close to the building, but people definitely had a chance to speak their
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piece. one week after 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy, who thought the replica gun he was carrying was a real one, the calls for justice is getting louder. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: hundreds rallied and marched in support of the boy an his family demanding an end to what they call racial profiling. >> i just think it's a total outrage. it isn't a tragedy. it's a crime and an outrage that the police keep murdering young people and they get away with it. >> they need to use their brain before they use their gun, because once again, once you pull the trigger, you're risking somebody else's life. >> reporter: students from santa rosa junior college took the lead in today's demonstrations. rallying on campus, and taking to the streets, ending their protest at the sheriffs department. where they came face to face with deputies in riot gear. >> the police up on the roof
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with the sniper rifles is absolutely unnecessary. i think they bring a militarized energy, an unnecessary energy. >> reporter: though protesters got fired up, things remained peaceful. those who took part say they're not going away until andy gets justice. and the deputy who pulled the trigger faces consequences. >> given the facts, supports an idea, he should be prosecuted for at least murder. but maybe involuntary manslaughter. he certainly overreacted and shot this kid a number of times unnecessarily so. >> reporter: now, a police investigation as well as an fbi investigation remain under way tonight. i did try to reach out to the sheriff today, but he did not return my phone call. he did tell me last week, however, that his heart goes out to the family. he says he's very sorry for what happened and promises a thorough and transparent investigation. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. to the south bay, now, just into our newsroom, new surveillance video, four suspects allegedly involved in saturday's shooting at the spot nightclub in campbell. we've highlighted the video so you can see who police are looking for. officers say someone from this group we've highlighted shot a club employee after he came out to the parking lot and told them allegedly to turn down the music from their cars. the victim is recovering at a local hospital. new at 6:00, low water levels across the bay area. this is a look today from our chopper at santa clara county's almaden reservoir. see it's well below its banks. as are other bay area reservoirs. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri shows us how dire the need for water is. we begin with kris sanchez with the potential impact, kris? >> reporter: hi there, jessica. it's been two really try and hot years. if you drive by the reservoirs anywhere in the bay area, they will look very low.
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however, some of them are low for a reason. santa clara county's almaden reservoir is at barely 40% of capacity. guadeloupe reservoir at 20% of capacity. parts dry right down to the creek bed, deer grazing where there should be fish. and the county's calero reservoir at 5% of capacity after two dry years. >> we're at a point where we're really looking forward to hopefully a good rain year, otherwise at the end of this rainy season, we really may be looking at the need for more water reductions. >> reporter: but the bay area's water picture isn't as grim as the images seen. >> overall, our local reservoirs are about 81% of normal for this time of year. so that's not great, but that's not that bad. and our ground water supply is in a pretty good condition right now in the normal range. >> reporter: so, santa clara valley water district reservoirs
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are 81% of normal for this time of year. the hetch hetchy reservoir is at 80% of capacity. east and peninsula water reservoirs at 77%. and east bay mud reservoirs at 70% of capacity. the spokeswoman says by design to leave room to capture upcoming rainfall. still statewide water restrictions because of the two years of record dry and warm conditions. but that could all change with a normal rainy season come november through march. as i mentioned, some of those east bay mud reservoirs are low hoping to capture any rainfall that calls in the next coming rainy season. however, there are some reservoirs in santa clara county that will always look low because they're under restriction. they can't be filled up to the brim because of sieismic concerns. the situation not incredibly dire for this season, however, if something big doesn't happen during this rainy season, then we sure are on track to start talking about that "d" word,
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drought. jessica? >> okay, i'll take it from here. thank you, chris. speaking of that "d" word as kris riv kris referred to, chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we're in a severe drought, not only covers the bay area but all of california. as kris was alluding thing, the worst thing we'd want to happen is a drought to continue. see on the drought monitor, a lot of the west suffering from dry conditions at the current moment. as we head throughout the bay area, there is not a spot that is not included in this at this point. now, the thing that set off such dry conditions was actually the driest ever january to july period this past calendar year. livermore, in six months, only had 2.08 inch of rainfall. napa, 3.21. we're at a deficit of anywhere from 10 to 15 inches. yes, it is a very dry october. trace amounts to .05 an inch. keep in mind, we pick up the
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heaviest rain for the bay throughout january and also into march. so there is still hope in that forecast. and right now, we're not doing too bad when you look at things overall. fir from about 20% to 72% of normal. it's certainly he something that is in the back of our minds as we continue to track this weather pattern for the next upcoming week. any kind of rain drops will definitely help the situation out. >> okay. thank you, jeff. murder case moving forward. six months after an off-duty paramedic was shot to death in the oakland hill, a judge has ruled at least one teenager will stand trial for the killing. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with today's developments. it's a very emotional case. >> reporter: especially for liz boyer, quinn boyer's widow. meanwhile, one homicide detective was the only person to take the stand here on the second floor of the alameda county superior courthouse. and after he was questioned by the prosecution, and defense, the judge decided there was enough evidence for a 16-year-old christian burton to stand trial for the murder of
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quinn boyer. boyer was shot in the head in an attempted carjacking in the oakland hills on april 2nd. he died two days later. oakland police say burton and five other teenagers were on a crime spree. they believe that boyer's car became a target. burton's attorney, however, said today his client was not the shooter. >> there was an independent witness who basically told police that the shooter had a white baseball cap and the witness does not describe my client as the shooter who had a jean jacket on. >> why, a lot of times it feels like a very pointless question when you're talking about someone who should still be here, who wasn't done yet, who had a lot left to offer. not just us, but the world at large. >> reporter: the courtroom, as you can see, was packed with boyer's friends, family and co-workers. burton's family was there, but they did not want to comment on camera. burton will be arranged in two
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weeks. meanwhile, he will turn 17 tomorrow, but he will be tried as an adult. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. coming up later in this newscast, i sit down with liz boyer at length to talk about her husband. the life they shared, what he believed in and why his death is such a tragic loss, not just to her but the city he grew up in and believed in. >> the life that he led, experiences that he had, and the type of person that he was, that doesn't happen every day. and it's all kind of ironic that you don't hear about people like quinn. until something like this happens. >> it is a testament to all that they shared and believed in. that's coming up in about 20 minutes. still ahead here at 6:00, they're leading the force before they ever serve a single day. now san jose is fighting back to keep its recruits from taking off with expensive training. and then arming yourself
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with an iphone? the new push to sell smartphones equipped with stun guns. i'm marianne favro live in menlo park where one foundation says it's working to save the planet. find out how coming up in a live report. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures will continue to drop for tonight. a frost advisory is in effect as those skies clear out across the bay. we'll have details on who will be the coldest coming up in about seven minutes.
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how do you stop the exodus? san jose is considering a couple of plans to discourage new police recruits from defecting to other cities. nearly half of september's class of new officers took jobs in other towns. now, san jose estimated it paid about $170,000 to train each of these recruits.
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one plan to be debated next week calls for police recruits to pay for their training with zero-interest loans. the city would pay for most of the loan in the first few years of a recruit's career. however, should a recruit quit to join a different department, he or she would be responsible for paying the balance of training costs with interest. now, added incentive to stay in san jose would come from scheduled pay raises. a san francisco arsenal will have a date for a wrecking ball to make way for a new hospital. ceremonial lowering of the cathedral hill hotel sign. california medical center plans to build a new state of the art med al center at vaness and geary. the two sides finally struck a deal allowing both hospitals to move forward. >> it is really symbolic that we were able to take down that sign and instead of continuing to call it the cathedral hill hotel we're going to be able to call it the new site for the
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california pacific medical center. >> the new cpmc will be 12 stories high with 900,000 square feet of medical space. both hospitals are expected to open in 2019. you might remember this video. in february, a meteori, te streaked across the sky and exploded over russia injuring 1,200 people. it packed t power of a small atomic weapon an there was no advanced warning. with the hope of keeping something like this from happening again, the united nations has given a green light for an asteroid warning system. it would be made up of scientists from around the world committed to sounding the alarm if a dangerous rock is spotted. here in the bay area, a former astronaut is already tracking asteroids and is hoping his project will help the united nations. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from his headquarters in menlo park. sounds very interesting. >> reporter: it really is fascinating. and certainly a lofty goal, raj, of saving the planet. the b612 foundation is actively
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raising millions of dollars to build a very special high-powered telescope to track asteroids. and they're hoping that they can track them in time to keep them from hitting us. right now, an asteroid may be headed right for earth, and we wouldn't even know it. former astronaut ed lou wants to change that. his job in menlo park, to save the planet. >> preventing asteroid impacts is the only global natural disaster that we can do something about. >> reporter: lou founded b612, a non-profit tofoundation workingo build the sentinel, an infrared satellite designed to orbit the sun in search for asteroids. >> sun shades here are going to keep the telescope cool. >> reporter: the goal is to launch this sentinel from florida in 2018. from its position 30 million to 170 million miles from earth, the telescope will detect
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asteroids that may be headed our way, giving scientists decades of warning and a chance to change their course with a simple 1 millimeter nudge from a spacecraft. right now lou is working on raising $250 million to build the sentinel and another $200 million to launch it. >> i think it's a reasonable amount of money to spend to protect the future of humanity. >> reporter: the alternative is to rely on nasa which he says only spots about a thousand asteroids a year that may hit earth when there are actually a million out there. but with the sentinel -- >> you can spot a charcoal against the black sky with sentinel from a distance of ten times as far from los angeles to new york. >> reporter: lou says it's not a matter of if, but when, even a small asteroid can cause massive destruction. these pictures from 1908 in tonguska, russia, are proof. and lou successfully completed two space shuttle missions.
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he says without this type of project, and we are simply flying blind along with all other countries in the world. he says we really need this type of telescope to give us that warning we need to stop the course of any collision with the world. reporting live, in menlo park, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it's all up to mother nature now. the big time maverick surf contest is almost here. the contest window opens on friday. you know how this works. competitors can be given as little as 24 hours notice. it can only take place with ideal surfing conditions. waves higher than 30 feet breaking regular intervals as well as good visibility and low winds. legendary competition happens a half mile off pillar point near half moon bay. it's a long stretch. it can go until march. >> think about what we just said. less than 30 feet. we don't want you. go back to your subzero waves. more than 30 feet -- >> i don't think you're going to want what's out here now. i did do a check on the buoys
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and surfers definitely don't. we do have 5-foot swells on the northern coastline. nowhere near good enough, not even for beginner surfers. need to get more action out there and as jessica mentioned, probably january, february, march the best timeline for that. back here across the bay, it was all about that cool air for many of you, probably never took the jacket off throughout the day. when you went outside. 64, santo rosa. 65, livermore. 65, san jose. low 60s from san francisco to redwood city. let's take you outside to the high definition sky camera network. see the worst cold weather tonight will be in the north bay with 30s. i'll have more on that coming up. the key component is the fact the skies are clearing out. we're losing the cloud cover as it moves from the north off to the south. there's a view of moffin field. it's a bit hazy but overall we're still looking at conditions clearing as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. let's get right to it. who will be the coldest as we head throughout tomorrow morning? some of the usual spots in the north bay. like napa, expecting
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temperatures of 33 in the north bay hills. napa in downtown, with 37. novato, 39. not quite as cold for south san jose. hey, 45 this time of year with little bit of wind tomorrow morning, feels like the low 40s. that's chilly enough for those in the santa clara valley. many are going at home, thinking, where's that heavy jacket? you're going to need it again. as we head throughout wednesday, 10:00 a.m., temperatures in the low to mid 50s. as we head throughout the day, we're not going to see it warm too much yet again. by the noon hour. also, 1:00 p.m. plenty of widespread 50s to also low 60s expected across the bay. let's get that three-day forecast in here. here's some good news. done with the cool weather for thursday and friday. temperatures warm up with some mid 70s inland. one more day of cool then we'll get back to a little bit of average. >> and the trick-or-treat forecast looking good. >> yeah. >> thank, jeff. >> sure. up ahead, is it too easy to put an idea on the ballot? why changes could be coming to our initiative process. also the airline trying a new way to get you to sit up and take notice. the viral video they're hoping
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will keep you safe.
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okay. that soda may soon cost you in the city. san francisco will soon become the latest u.s. city to try and pass a tax on sugary drinks. supervisor scott weiner officially submitted his plan to place a two cent per ounce tax on sodas and the plan would target the alarming rise of diabetes among kids. supervisor estimates the tax could raise $31 million a year for rec programs. similar tax proposals in richmond and los angeles failed following lobbying by the beverage industry. the industry says the tax would unfairly affect poor communities. from local ballot issues to the statewide issues, california's initiatives allow voters to make laws. you know that. many of those hot-button issues that we vote on, but are they good tools for making policy? and how many of us actually understand the initiatives we vote on? let's bring in nbc bay area's political analyst, larry
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gerston. good to see you. we have a legislator and governor but many people enjoy having the direct vote to pass laws, right? >> yes, scary how much, or how little they know about it. the voters adopted the idea in 1911 when the legislature was literally owned by the southern pacific railroad. it was no joke. fed up, they decided if the legislature wouldn't act on behalf of the people, by golly, they would. so if someone wants a new law, like you said, he or she has to gather signatures, 5% of the people who voted in the last gubernatorial election for a law, 8% for a constitutional amendment and wha-lah, you're on. >> we have more than 100 years of history with this. sounds simple enough. the format here. what's the fuss about? >> for a long time, there was no fuss. you know, because there were just very few initiatives on the ballot. but lately their numbers have soared. look at the proliferation of initiatives. in recent years. for the first 70 years or so, not many. 164. for the last 30 year, almost 200.
6:25 pm
and not only are they abundant, they attract an awful lot of campaign money. just last year in 2012, alone, interest groups and individuals spent $514 million on only 12 initiatives. >> yeah, the campaign money, that sticks out for me. should there be changes now? >> some people think so. you know, look, to be sure, the initiative remains immensely popular with californians. no question about that. look, 72% support it in concept. but large majorities and recent polls believe special interests control initiatives, and there are too many of these initiatives on the ballot, it's overwhelming. 3/4 of the voters now believe the process should be kept but changed. the most popular proposals include letting the legislature deal with initiative proposals before they're on the ballot. reviews initiatives before constitutionality in advance, and maybe lowering the 2/3 threshold for the legislature to place tax issues before the voters. which of any of these proposals would gain enough support? that remains to be seen. but between their numbers and
6:26 pm
the special interest domination, you know what, people are starting to take the initiative on the initiative. >> very good insight. thank you, larry. well, still ahead here at 6:00, keeping america safe by snooping? the u.s. gets closer to putting a cap on how much surveillance is allowed over world leaders. and a smartphone that can take a bullet. the convenience store clerk that has a lot to be thankful for tonight. plus -- >> i'm janelle wang. exactly 100 days until the olympic games in sochi. tonight, your first look at the bay area athletes hoping to win gold in russia. that's next.
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earlier in this newscast you met liz boy wrer. six months ago she was still a newlywed. in an instant, she became a widow. her husband, an off duty paramedic was senselessly murdered in the oakland hills. tonight is the first court proceedings get under way, boyer is speaking publicly for the first time. she sat down with me to talk about the man she married, the future shafs that was stolen from them, and the impact of the loss on the city he loved. >> with quinn, when our relationship really kind of blossomed, and i had complete, like, kind of trust and confidence with him, i felt completely free. >> reporter: liz boyer is talking anlts the man she loves. a man she deeply admires. >> he made me the best possible
6:30 pm
person of myself. >> reporter: the man she lost to a brutal and senseless crime on the very streets of oakland. the city he was born and raised in. >> everything you expect when you finally meet the person you're meant to be with and start a journey together. that was our honeymoon. so much fun. >> reporter: boyer said her husband, quinn, was known for his ear to ear smile. adventurous, big hearted, loving and motivated to make a difference in his community. the 34-year-old always saw the good in others. >> he refused to accept that there's only bad in people. >> reporter: the santa clara county first responder met his match in liz when they were both emts working for a private transport company. their careers took off, they traveled, made plans for the future and dedicated themselves to a life of helping others. >> people always told me that the first year was going to be the hardest. that we were going to argue and fight and reality was really going to set in. and it just never really happened. it was, like, the best year.
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>> reporter: then on april 2nd, just weeks shy of their one-year wedding anniversary, it all fell apart. >> i think about it a lot because i was supposed to be with him that day. >> reporter: instead, she made a promise for later. one she would never get to keep. >> you go to the appointment, call me when you're on your way home. that was it. he left. that morning. i didn't see him again until the hospital. >> reporter: boyer, an alameda county paramedic who's worked the streets of oakland for years, herself, knew it was bad from the moment she got the call. quinn had been shot in the head and was being taken to highland hospital. >> did a quick check of -- the last time i told him i loved him. when was the last time, like, we had a laugh. what did we do yesterday? >> reporter: two days later, quinn was taken off life support. what followed were the arrest and the stunning revelation that the accused were just boys. >> and when i heard how young
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they are, i just -- i just felt sick to my stomach. i just felt sad. >> reporter: now she prepares for his murder trial, this young widow treasures the time they shared. >> he looked so handsome in his suit. >> reporter: mourns the future she lost and the great acts of kindness that will be missed by the boys quinn mentored as a big brother volunteer. >> this is senseless. and it's a loss all around for everyone. >> reporter: another tragic stain to oakland that liz believes in her heart, her beloved husband, would have worked tirelessly to wipe away. >> i want quinn to not be lost in the negativity surrounding death. i want people to look at it as an opportunity to effect change. >> boyer says what she wants most is for oakland to be the oakland that quinn always wanted it to be. as for the trial, she says it is now in the hands of the court.
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an update now on the search for a man on the peninsula. hillsborough police say ivor morris who goes by the name of scotty was found dead this afternoon. the 79-year-old left his home on ralston avenue in burlingame yesterday morning and never returned. officers found morris' body a mile and half away off rowen tree lane in hills boar you. an autopsy is now under way. american spying justified. the head of the nsa defended his agency today as he testified on capitol hill. answered questions about the nsa's spying program which includes the collection of americans' phone records. a bipartisan bill would end that program, but some republican lawmakers say it's necessary to protect the country from terrorism. >> this is the time for leadership in a very dangerous and chaotic world. it is not a thyime to apologize >> nothing that has been released has shown that we're trying to do something illegal
6:34 pm
or unprofessional. >> people who are concerned about this, and that's a lot of patriots, feel that this has to be -- that this must be changed. >> another notable issue here, president obama is now considering a change. no more eavesdropping of world leaders. this comes after it was recently leaked that the united states has been listening to the phone calls of leaders from germany, france, spain, and several other countries. the obama administration is also trying to regain america's trust after the botched rollout of his health insurance website. today, the official in charge made a public apology on capitol hill. >> this initial experience has not lived up to our expectations or the expectations of the american people and it is not acceptable. >> tavenner apologized to the millions of americans who have been unable to buy insurance under the new health care law. she's the first obama administrator to testify before congress about the website debacle. she was grilled by lawmakers.
6:35 pm
she promises the glitches will be fixed. kathleen sebelius will testify tomorrow. it's always big news around here. 100 days and counting until the start of the 2014 olympics. this time it's in sochi, russia. like so many other olympic games, the bay area will be well represented. nbc's janelle wang introduces us to a few of our local athletes who have golden dreams of bringing home the gold. and they train year-round. we tune in in february, but they train all the time. >> yes, they do, and they train hard. as of right now, we could see 19 northern california athletes compete in sochi, from snowboarders, to skiers, to bobsledders and figure skaters. they all have one thing in common. a deep desire to compete for team usa. there's something about lake tahoe. >> at the finish. >> reporter: that breeds olympic athletes. >> our daycare was like getting thrown out of the mountain and then two home with mom when she
6:36 pm
got off work. and that just, that grew a love of the sport. >> reporter: for alpine skier mark o'sullivan, that love turned into a career. and if the 33-year-old qualifies for sochi, it will mark his fourth and last winter olympic games. >> this is it, and there's no reason to hold anything back, and just going to ski like crazy. >> reporter: this is also likely the last time bobsledder chuck berkeley of walnut creek will train for the olympic games. the 37-year-old wants redemption in sochi after a heartbreaking crash in vancouver. >> we're in the lead when we went over, so we had a chance to possibly, you know, break into the medals. so we went over, the first thing you think is, this is scary. really scary, and painful. then as you come to the realization of what's happening, you realize, oh, man, this is my olympic games, it's probably over and it was. >> reporter: snowboarder, nate holland, is another olympic
6:37 pm
veteran looking to relive the feeling of his first olympic games in torino. >> it's a pretty amazing feeling representing the u.s. i mean, it's -- it first hit me when i walked in the opening ceremonies in torino and team usa, and it was an amazing feeling. >> reporter: figure skater rachel flatt is ready for that feeling, again, too, after coming back from a couple of years of injuries and grueling academic schedule at stanford. >> now that i've gone once, i know the type of training and intensity it requires in order to make the team. you know, it's not to say that that's going to be extraordinary difficult with my school schedule as well. >> reporter: but she's ready for it. >> one, two -- >> reporter: and so is half pipe snowboarder alaina hite who credits growing up in tahoe for giving her a competitive edge. >> tahoe is a breeding ground for really good snowboarders. it is a hub for snowboarding. i was lucky enough to be brought up in that experience and in
6:38 pm
that lifestyle and i wouldn't trade it for the world. >> one, two -- >> a lot can happen during the next 100 days. no one has a guaranteed spot just yet. to see other olympic homefuls, bay area ties, go to our website, janelle wang, nbc bay area news. there's also a clothing controversy. during the 2014 winter games, members of the team usa will be wearing uniforms made in the usa. there was a clothing controversy, remember the uniforms the team wore in london stirred up controversy because they were made in china. this time around they'll be made domestically by ralph lauren. the clothing includes a navy pea coat, a ski sweater with a reindeer, and one with an american flag as well. and, of course, track the sochi olympics on our website. go to you'll find lots of stories about everything from athletes, to their uniforms and with a quick click, sign up for our winter olympics newsletter as
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well. still ahead here at 6:00, a midair song and dance. yes, believe it. an airline based here in the bay area makes a big change to get you to pay attention. also -- >> i'm scott budman with a cell phone case that doubles as a stun gun. why it's causing such a buzz. coming up. nice action, scott. all right. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. skies are clearing now and setting the stage for cold temperatures tonight. we'll talk more about the frost advisory coming up in about ten minutes.
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a smartphone saved his life. a clerk at a florida gas station survived an armed robbery. take a look.
6:42 pm
this is an htc smartphone. it shattered after taking a direct hit. police say the suspect fired a gun after the clerk couldn't open the gas station's safe. it wasn't until police arrived at the clerk -- arrived at the station the clerk realized he'd been shot. he complained of chest pain and medical personnel found out that the bullet miraculously hit the clerk's smartphone which was in his chest pocket. the neighborhood just got a little richer. next door, the san francisco bay startup that lets individual neighborhoods create social networks hauled in a $60 million round of funding. the company funding next door, comcast the owner of this nation. next door is two years old and will use some of the money to hire new people. turn off all electronic devices. virgin america's airline presentation is now ready for takeoff ♪ i've got some safety tips you've got to know and trust me it's something that you want to hear ♪ what looks like a music video is really a safety demonstration that's required by the federal
6:43 pm
aviation administration. faa officials say they don't care how it's delivered as long as it's done and the important information is there. virgin america hired performers to sing, rap and dance out safety instructions to get passengers' attention. the new video debuts on flights friday. oh. >> like "glee" meets "the voice." >> i like it. i'll pay attention. i pay attention anyway. >> do we know if the flight attendants are going to do that down the aisle? maybe only in first class. >> we'll fly on friday. >> oh, okay. all right. you pick the place. >> what do we got, jeff? >> live sky camera network if oakland. does show a bit of haze still with us. we'll talk more about the clearing skies and a frost advisory coming up in just a few minutes. i'm dave feldman. coach harbaugh needed -- when talking about where the 49ers rank amongst the nfl's elite this season. plus the warriors tip off their season tomorrow night. find out which star is in, which is out and who is coach jackson's starting five?
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that's next on the xfinity sports desk.
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especially around here, smartphone thefts are rising, and now a startup wants you to fight back. they've made a phone that doubles as a stun gun. and it's for sale right now. our business and tech reporter scott budman has one with him. i've been avoiding you all day in the newsroom. >> i tell you, this is just a preview. we'll mess around with this in a second. it's called the yellow jacket, being marketed here in the bay area where we have a lot of smartphone thefts. in case you want a little defense with your phone case. it's made to shock would-be iphone thieves. delivering 650 kilowatts of electricity to anyone who tries to steal one. sold by a company called yellow jacket, for $99, it's a way to
6:47 pm
fight back against rising smartphone thefts. we showed it to the local police department. >> wow. that sounds like it could possibly hurt. >> reporter: which says being careful is actually a better way to protect yourself and your phone. >> and i know that, you know, it's been a hot topic, you know, iphone thefts recently. my suggestion is vigilance. be aware of your surroundings. understand where you're using your phone, where you're not using your phone. >> reporter: that said, some say they like the feeling of power in their hand. >> i probably would for safety reasons. yeah. yeah. when i walk on my lunch like right now. yeah. i probably would, but i do think it's a little -- >> reporter: fashion or safety, either way, it's causing a lot of buzz. all right. here's how it works. let me lower that just a bit. press the button. >> oh. >> and it is shocking. it really does shock you.
6:48 pm
jessica, here -- also, see, though, it's bulky and heavy. >> much bigger than the regular phone. >> $99. for the iphone 4 and 4s. it will come from the 5 and galaxy soon. >> you have no idea how much i want to hit you. how much i'm trying not to do it. >> it's in the wrong hands right now, scott. thank you, scott. >> you bet. well, all right. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri who we do not want to zap. >> i'm giving this back to scott right now. >> virtual shock through the box here? all right. well, you know, the cold temperatures tomorrow morning, they definitely may zap you especially up into the north bay. we do have a frost advisory as we head throughout tomorrow morning. mainly for the hills above 1,000 feet just outside of napa and sono sonoma, including santa rosa and also for the hills near san rafael and just outside of mill valley as well. so you want to make sure in those areas where temperatures will get into the mid and also low 30s, of course, cover those
6:49 pm
plants and remember those pets, too. that's really going to be the worst of it. we're not expecting at this point widespread 20s. but there's also going to be plenty of chill for rest of the bay area. i'll have more on that coming up. let's get a first look at the wednesday forecast. we'll start out with widespread 40s, 5:00 a.m., for most of the bay. 11:00 a.m., another cool one to keep the jacket on up until the lunch hour. temperatures mainly in the 50s to low 60s. let's take you outside to the high definition sky camera network. gradual clearing tonight across the santa clara valley will allow widespread 40s throughout this evening. our last view, in san francisco, the horizon right now. we're clearing out, again, setting the stage for those chilly overnights as we head throughout tomorrow. so let's get a look. i do think the coldest as we highlighted will be up into the north bay. 39 in st. helena. 38, santa rosa. also 37 in napa. as you get closer to the bay, that's where some of the warmer temperatures from the ocean will keep us temperate. 51 in san francisco. down to san jose, also 47.
6:50 pm
morgan hill expecting 42. by the afternoon, not a huge surge in temperatures. it's still going to stay on the cool side with this cold air aloft. 60s for san jose. morgan hill. 68. palo alto with 66. tri valley, temperatures staying in the mid 60s as we head throughout wednesday. 67 in walnut creek. 67 in dub lynn. 63 in san francisco. also 67 in napa. halloween, it looks good for the trick-or-treaters out there. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees and a little bit of cloud cover. looking good for the kids there as they head out to collect all of that candy and those costumes. also, 100 days away from the sochi olympics. two little quick facts for you here. they are in the same climate classification, believe it or not, as washington, d.c., and also new orleans. their average february high will be 50 degrees. they are right now stockpiling three trans-america pyramids worth of snow because a year out from olympics this past year, they actually had a snow deficit. so they're making up those
6:51 pm
backup plans. on that seven-day forecast, we warm up thursday and friday into the 70s. as we head throughout next week, temperatures begin to drop off a little more as well. >> we need to fedex them snow from tahoe to sochi. >> i hope not. >> they're well prepared. thank you, jeff. >> sure. let's get to sports. let's turn things over to dave feldman, comcast sportsnet newsroom. i had a taser in my hand and i didn't tase him. >> don't laugh. >> who were you going to tase? >> who do you think ? >> oh my goodness. i'm glad you didn't tase raj. he's a good guy. basketball, the nba season under way with games tips off a few hours ago. warriors begin their season tomorrow. they'll be without one of their young guns. that's right. lden state will begin the season minus harrison barnes. the forward will miss games because of inflammation if his left foot. jackson commented on barnes'
6:52 pm
status in addition to announcing the starting five for tomorrow's game against the lakers. >> well, my starting lineup will be steph, clay, andre, david, and boles and that's going to be our starting lineup moving forward. i don't want to cheat those guys. they've earned it. and harrison will look to build on an outstanding rookie year. and embrace the role and i truly believe that he can flourish. with the warriors season opening tomorrow night at home, the team is expected to get it started, but most importantly, they realize to win on the court, they must put last season way behind them. >> i think we have that potential, but potential is a word to set up for failure, so we just have to, you know, put last year behind us. doesn't matter anymore. it was a great run, but now we can make an even better run, i really believe that. >> we're getting there. just like with any team, it's going to take time.
6:53 pm
and more time we have, the better we're going to be. it's important for us to really pay attention to smaller details, you know. those are the things that are going to get us over the hump when we're not as gelled as we want to be. >> we expect a lot of things from ourselves and we're looking forward to an exciting and thrilling year. and tomorrow, make sure you flip over to us, comcast sportsnet bay area. we're live at oracle arena starting at 5:00. we will lead you deep into the night with all the warriors coverage. 49ers currently sit at 6-2, game behind seattle in nfc west. today coach harbaugh asked about the strength of his team and how he views them in comparison to the nfl's best. >> i think very mathematically. beyond the -- beyond subtract n subtraction, multiplication, long division. i done have an exact answer for you there. it's percentage. start seeing decimals and ago
6:54 pm
ra, calculous there. san diego state baseball team does halloween right. every year, the players dress up in costumes for maybe the most entertaining scrimmage of all-time. they all dress up in different things and play a serious baseball game. might be one of the greatest traditions in baseball. that is a chargers cheerleader that just hit a home run. someone dressed as that. jess, i'd like to borrow your taser because ahmed fareed, you goes know, who i work with, said he's going to dress up as me then he put on a jason mask. i didn't think that was a compliment. i'd like to borrow your taser if i could. >> i'll get it from scott budman. don't worry. it will be fedexed to you. >> thank you. by the way, i'm a proud san diego state alum. >> you're going to wear the cheerleader outfit? >> no, i will not. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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tonight at 11:00 a a low crime rate and big push for gun control. the south bay suburb going to the polls next week for a vote being watched across the nation. that's tonight at 11:00 after "the voice." the final word from jeff. >> yes. it's going to be chilly tomorrow. especially up into the north bay. that's where we do have our frost advisory in effect. temperatures will be in the mid 30s. elsewhere, widespread 40s to start for tomorrow. daytime highs in the cold side. inland, 60s. bay, mid 60s. warming coming by thursday, friday, saturday. low 70s back inland with sunny skies then we go back down again monday and tuesday. leave the jacket out of the closet at this point. >> how many jackets do you have ready? >> i have a lot. >> have a great night. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
did jada pinket smith just move out on will? now on "extra." will and jada, officially separated? after months of denials -- >> we have love and connection. >> news today, will in new orleans and how the couple is fighting back. plus -- >> another hollywood couple calling it quits after 20 years and two kids. derek hough defending his sister, julianne, and her black face scandal. >> breaks my heart. >> what julianne wants everyone to know today. gwyneth paltrow, kerry washington and the dominatrix, their surprise connection to this $300 an hour dungeon

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